The CBSE Social Science Board Exam: Check Study Tips and Instructions Here

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CBSE Social Science Board Exam

The CBSE is an educational board in India which aims to offer students quality education. The study materials are updated so that students stay updated while competing in the current world. Many subjects have to be focused on in primary and secondary education, as the concepts will be carried out in further studies as well. Among the various subjects of Class 10, Maths, Science and Social Science are of top priority to obtain an excellent overall score. 

Online websites offer high-quality study materials because there will be a lot of stress in students’ minds to appear for their first board exams. These materials can be downloaded as PDFs and used anywhere to clarify the concepts while preparing for the exams. The CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 Social Science for the academic year can be obtained from the board’s official website. To qualify for any exam, students should first grasp the current year’s syllabus. 

Social Science is a subject which has a lot of concepts to memorise and remember. It is divided into History, Geography, Political Science and Economics, with numerous concepts. The students must follow a proper study plan to recall the topics effortlessly. Students can follow the tips discussed below for better scores in their final exams.

Instructions for CBSE Class 10 Social Science Exam

1. Refer to NCERT Books

The CBSE board prescribes NCERT Books. These books contain all the information required for board exams and competitive exam preparation. It provides a strong knowledge of crucial fundamentals even in higher education. Experts design books based on the intelligence quotient of the students. 

2. Solve Previous Years’ Papers

After completing the textbook, students must solve the sample and previous years’ papers. They will be able to analyse the types of questions with a high probability of appearing in the board exams. It will help students familiarise themselves with the exam pattern and the marking scheme of the board. 

3. Mark Important Points

While studying a particular topic, students must note essential topics in a simple-to-understand manner. The main reason behind this is that students will be able to go through these points regularly and remember them in their exams without difficulty. The dates and events need a lot of effort to byheart, which can be done only by studying them daily. 

4. Revision

Through regular practice, students can score well in the board exam. They should revise the concepts before exams because they will likely need to remember them. Various reference materials cover the chapters according to the latest syllabus to help students in this aspect. 

5. Follow Healthy Lifestyle

As the CBSE exam of Class 10 is the first board exam faced by students, there will be a lot of questions running through their minds. The stress of not understanding the concepts will increase the fear of losing marks, reducing their performance. So sufficient time should be spent on breaks or extra activities such as painting, sketching, singing, etc.

Social Science is considered challenging compared to other subjects in Class 10. The main reason behind this is that students must learn and remember many vital exam concepts. The CBSE Class 10 Social Science exam can be cleared quickly by adopting the strategies explained here during students’ exam preparation.

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